Remote Computer Repair

Do you need help FAST and don’t want to bother with bringing the computer in it to have it checked out? Are you afraid to call in for service because you might get billed? In a couple of clicks, you can allow us to “look over your shoulder” and remotely control your PC from our shop! If the issue is resolved within 15 mins, the service is on us! Why bother bringing your PC problems anywhere else?

At CVACS, we understand that not all issues require on-site support. You don’t need to call someone in or to drop your computer off if all you want to do is check your e-mail! That’s why we offer remote support. Click on the image below and tell one of our technicians your ID and password, and we’ll be able to see your screen, control your mouse and keyboard, even send you a file or restart your computer.

Remote Repair Client

Our skilled repair technicians are here to help.

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