Is Your Computer Frozen or Malfunctioning?

Is Your Computer Frozen or Malfunctioning?

Remote and on-site tech support in Charlottesville, VA

Is your RAM chip faulty? Seeing the blue screen of death? These problems can be a pain for those who simply want to get things done. If your personal or business computer is causing you issues, it’s time for a fix. You’ll find the right solution to your needs here at Central Virginia Computer Services.

We offer software remote support and on-site hardware support in Charlottesville. We can also recover the data on your CPU. Learn more about each of our support services below.

Hardware support

Bring in your computer for a free assessment. Central Virginia Computer Services will get back to you within 24 hours with a solution. There is no cost if you elect not to pursue the repair. We can also come to your location for on-site repair services.

Software support

CVCS provides remote services via the internet to troubleshoot your software issues. You can also bring in your device for our specialists to troubleshoot the issue.

Data Recovery

If you device has crashed, we can help. We offer data recovery services for computers, tablets, memory cards, hard drives, phones and flash drives. If we are unable to recover the data through ordinary means, our pros will use DriveSavers to get the recovery done at 15% off.

Don’t go to a retail computer repair shop for your computer fix. Complicated issues should be handled by technicians, not retail employees. If your PC is giving you problems, rely on the trusted specialists at Central Virginia Computer Services.